We got our taxes done, and if I was a nail biter, I’d have bitten my nails to the quick.  I was fretting the entire time.  Did I have all the papers I needed, would she ask me something I didn’t know, did I do everything this year that she told me to do last year when we met?  The list in my head went round and round.  Luckily, crisis averted for another year.

It did give me time to think, though, when I was trying to take my mind off of taxes.  I need to make a mini album for friends, and a St. Patrick’s Day card for my sister, and I’ve promised a couple viewers that I would make cards for them, and I’ve been trying to think of things to do for them….so something good did come out of the whole tax experience.  I can’t tell you how relieved I feel when we walk out their door.  I just want to buy myself a big “great job on those taxes” treat.  Do they make those kinds of treats?  If not, they definitely should.


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