Still exhausted, but committed to start making Easter cards.  I wanted to try a mixed media card, and have been working on it for three days.  I’ll bet you think a card I’d spend three days on must mean it’s a work of art.  Not so much…It’s a work of something, but I’m not sure what.  The lady that asked for it, knows I don’t do much mixed media, and trust me when I say this, I’m not sure if this card is representative of mixed media, or a mixed mess.  I put that final touches on it last night and had Rich look at it to decide what he thought of it.  He came out shaking his head. and asked if it was for a man.  It’s pretty masculine, were his thoughts on it.  Then his next words were, “it’s got a lot going on.”  I will admit that it does have a lot going on, but the masculine part, that I’m not really sure about.  It’s glittery and has a ton of butterflies in a variety of styles and media.  It might have too many butterflies and even more glitter, and I have been alternating between putting it on my facebook page as a huge fail, or posting it on YouTube as a card I feel good about.  It’s beauty lies somewhere in between.  It might be really tacky, and that could be the perfect word for it.  Or over the top…another good description for it.   I thought about putting it on YouTube for “what to do when nothing goes the way you want.”  Or maybe I could make it a lead in to a contest for people to post their ugly cards on my facebook page.  I’ll take one more look at it, and decide which place to post it.  It’s definitely not a winner, that’s a definite.

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