My exhaustion has caught up to me once again.  I didn’t think the last video that went up reflected it, but I got a call from Carol Held, a fellow YouTuber from Canada.  She called me twice today while I was still asleep (and our ringer was turned off,) then again this afternoon.  She said she watched my last video and I seemed like I might be ill.  She said she was so concerned that she was going to call me until she spoke to someone, as she thought I must be coming down with something.

I really appreciate the comments I got on this blog when I talked about my health and feeling so tired.  I am blessed to have supportive people in my corner.

So I added a commentary on the newest video that should go live tomorrow, as I had a hard time thinking and making cohesive sentences in that video.  I don’t want others to be concerned, so told my viewers the whole story.  It made me feel better telling them the truth, but still, I wish it wasn’t like this.  I’m hoping that I start feeling more energized in the next few days.  And luckily, you’ll be the first to know.

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