I hope everyone had a great Easter.  I ate a lot of food, then ate even more chocolate, and ended the day by eating Fritos, so I guess we can say I made the most out of the holiday.  Actually, we spent the day with old friends and had a nice time reminiscing about family and friends and mainly discussed Ancestry.com, our family trees, and their two Newfoundlands.  Let me tell you, those are big dogs.  Sweet and gentle as anything, and very fast with the licks, especially on the face, while you’re talking.  It was kind of funny, but mostly yukky, when you think about the other things they lick, haha.  These dogs were huge and fun to watch as they ran around their backyard.  It was a long day and we were glad to get home.  Our dogs are much more manageable, but not too thrilled with the smell of other dogs on our clothes.

I’m glad to get back to making cards that aren’t holiday related.  Although it’s always fun when holidays come up, it seems like I’m always starting too late, and end up putting up videos at the last minute.  A friend card can go up any time, and I don’t feel the pressure that I normally feel while doing holiday videos.  I’ve promised to make a couple of cards, and that’s going to be my focus for the next few days.  Wish me luck!

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