I wanted to make a card using vellum and some new brush markers I bought from Amazon.  I know a lot of YouTubers use Zig Clean Brush markers, but they are expensive, and I really try to keep cost in mind for viewers when I buy products.  I had done some research on which are the best brush markers in 2018, and the brand I bought were number one.  And even better, I got sixty of them for a little over $20.  I can’t say they are remarkable, but they worked just fine for the project.

I had been thinking about how to take an entire sheet of vellum and put a big background design on it, then how to attach it to the card without seeing a lot of glue.  It occurred to me that if I made the vellum bigger, I could basically wrap it around a piece of card stock almost like covering a book.  I have to say, that was my favorite part of making this card.  It looks really unique.  A friend had asked for a floral card, so I made this for her and although it isn’t super floral, I think she’ll like it.

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