I didn’t sleep most of last night, as I had an idea of how to save the hummingbird card, and I genuinely believed that I could do it without any intervention or YouTube videos to show me the way.

This video of the hummingbird card is probably the longest, but funniest video I’ve ever made.  If people didn’t know me, they would probably think I’ve been drinking, but alas, I was just having fun.  I created a frame from my own design, which, in retrospect, might not have been the best idea, but I did it anyway.  The frame is by no means perfect, but the card is kind of cute.  It took forever to make, but don’t all masterpieces?  (Insert coughing and gagging here.)

I really had fun creating the frame, and hope viewers enjoy it.  I’m not sure if anyone will ever try to replicate it, but at least I accomplished what I set out to do.  Rectify a card that was clearly in the hot mess phase, and almost certainly, destined to stay there.

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