I spent all evening working on a birthday card for a close friend, and in the end, decided it needed to go into the trash.  I wanted to use colors that coordinated with the birthday sticker set I had, so decided to make my own green pigment ink.  I didn’t have a stamp pad to put the ink onto, so stamped directly onto a tile.  I have stamp pads that are blanks but somehow thought this would work.  The green was splotchy and uneven, and I just didn’t like it.  The card itself really looked pretty OK, but the green really killed the look of it, and I decided I’d give her a card I’d already made instead.  I hate to admit defeat, but this one was not going to make it.  Rich really thought it looked great, if I could fix the green mess, but I tried, and there was no way to redeem it.  Drat, I hate spending a couple of hours on something that goes into the trash.

I know we’ve all had days like this, but it’s pretty disheartening when you have an idea that should work but doesn’t.  Tomorrow’s another day, and even better, it’s a garage sale day…..one of our first for the season.  YAY!

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