I had a great day today.  We drove about an hour to meet my best girlfriends from college.  I don’t know if it works this way for others, but I forget how much I miss seeing them until we spend time together.  We talk like only old friends can, with complete and total honesty about everything from weight gain to health issues to our marriages.  I always feel refreshed after spending time with them, and hope all women have the same kind of support network I have.  These women make me laugh and make me cry, and I wouldn’t change one thing about either of them.

After we got home, I spent hours, and I mean hours, cleaning my craft room.  It doesn’t look any differently to me, which is so disheartening, but I gave it a try.  I’m going to finish (what I can) tomorrow AM, as my cousin Shelli, and her friend (and mine) Linda, will be doing some crafts together in the afternoon.  We originally talked about trying jewelry, but while cleaning the craft room, I found two organizers for greeting cards that I bought at garage sales, thinking I would re-cover them so they look more pleasing to the eye.  That was code for “they’re incredibly outdated and pretty gaudy.”  I have a third box that I could play with, so that’s one option.  Another is a bunch of things I bought on sale at the Dollar Spot at Target that can be redecorated to hang on a refrigerator or act as sort of an organizational system when backed with decorated chipboard,  I think.

So that’s my plan for the remainder of today and tomorrow.  I know Rich hasn’t put any videos up, and tomorrow is a new day. I know he plans to put at least one up tomorrow and hopefully, another on Monday.   I’m sorry we’ve been lax with videos, and this is no excuse, but it was a really busy week for us, and that, my friends, is rare.

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