I thought before I’d discuss my plans for today that I’d give you my review of the movie “Chappaquiddick.”  I liked it.  It was sad, and it seemed that she didn’t drown, but ran out of air as he just left her there.  He did bring others back to try to get her out, but by then it was too late.  The local funeral director noted that when they pressed on her lungs, water didn’t come out, and he said he’d seen a lot of drownings and that it looked like instead, she’d suffocated from lack of oxygen in the car.  Of course no autopsy was done, and they did everything possible to protect the senator.  I was ten when it happened, and didn’t realize that a man walked on the moon the same weekend, so they used the momentum from the space walk to distract Americans from the story.  Obviously, it’s a movie, so we’ll never really know the true story, but it was sad for her and her family.

Back to plans for the day.  Since Rich is now caught up with me, darn it, I have some cards to make.  I am going to try stamping and coloring on acetate, and making a manly card for a friend’s birthday.  I’m going to work on the box I decorated with Shelli and Linda, as some of the video files were corrupted from that day, so I’m going to need to add more footage, so the video makes sense and helps others if they want to try to redecorate something.  I have a few more video ideas, but if I finish my plans for today, I think I’ll be doing good.

On a crappy note, it’s snowing and I can’t see the grass again.  April 17th, not sure it’s ever going to turn to spring.  We still don’t have any buds on our trees.  I hate it when we have a very short spring, as it seems like it’s a blink of the eye and winter again.  Sorry for the whine….

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