I had so much crafty fun today.  I finally made the Glue Dot video showing all of the different types, sizes, and uses for them.  It was so much fun, and those types of videos are my absolute favorites to make.  Then I went on to make an impossible card.  They are all the rage on YouTube right now, and I thought I would make an impossible card even more impossible, by stamping and embossing on acetate…..(Clear plastic for those of us who prefer everyday terms instead of “big girl words.”)  It’s not extremely difficult to stamp on acetate, but you may get an imperfect image (I found), because the plastic will not show all of the detail the stamp has.  It didn’t matter to me, because I was just stamping an antique car with black ink and covering it with black embossing powder.  Of course the black embossing powder hides all of the imperfections of the stamping below, and it’s the reason I used it.  I’m not a fan of black embossing powder, as it’s very difficult to remove all of the small specks that are left behind.  I spent a little extra time wiping and blowing on it to get rid of the excess, and then started heat setting.  I knew it would be easy to melt, and did melt my first attempt…..I made sure to show the melted image, so you know it’s OK to melt yours (as long as you have spare plastic).  I used plastic from stamp sets I’d purchased and encourage others to do the same.  You can buy heat resistant acetate, but why bother, when the free plastic works just as well.  We’ll assume I know and have used the plastic you can purchase, which I haven’t.

Second attempt worked perfectly, no melting or warping.  I really liked the end result of the more impossible, impossible card, and hope all of you will too.  Rich has a couple videos he needs to upload first, then you’ll see how fun and easy the impossible card really is.  In case you’ve never seen a video of one, it’s one piece of card stock that looks like several.  Whoever came up with the idea were really creative, and my hat goes off to them.  It’s not a hard card to make if you don’t layer papers on it, but if you do, it’s not quite as easy.  I recommend that your first attempt should be with some patterned paper that is heavy enough to hold up to all of the different folds this card requires.  After that, the center focal image is where you can spend your time.  It shouldn’t be hard to do and has a big impact.  This is one of those cards that will make the recipient ask, “How did you do that?”   I love it when people ask…


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