I seriously hate to whine about my continuous screw-ups, but this one is so irritating.  I put the lock on the front of the album and then never looked at it again, until it was time to work with the letters I’m adding to the front.  That’s when it occurred to me that I might have attached it to the back cover instead of the front….And that’s not all….it’s also upside down..Oh yeah, I wanted to throw the whole thing through a window, but instead, I’m going to let it sit there until I’ve decided what to do next.  CRAP!!!!!!!!

I got great advice from a couple of people about how to fix the brass colored corner covers and how to make them look coppery.  One said to try different embossing powders, which I will, and the other, from Lindsay, was to use copper alcohol ink.  I probably have some and never thought about trying it.  So if one idea doesn’t work, we’ll go to Plan B.  I have a lot of the corners, so can ruin a few until I get this right.  I’m still hoping that this plan will come together and I’ll be proud of my end result, but right now, I’m stuck in the “hot mess” phase, and I’m not really sure if I’ll ever come out of it.   I live in hope.

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