All About Glue Dots, Which Will Work Best for your Project?

I was lucky to be asked by the makers of Glue Dots to review a prototype Glue Dot product. When they sent me the prototype, they also sent me a huge box of all types of Glue Dots. I did some research and learned a lot about Glue Dots along the way.
The first thing I learned is that we, as crafters, remove them from their backing incorrectly. It’s no wonder mine are always curled.  To properly remove Glue Dots from their backing, you should take the embellishment to the Glue Dot and adhere it to the Glue Dot, vs trying to remove the Glue Dot from it’s backing and then attaching it to the embellishment. Once I learned how to do this, my Glue Dot application was so much easier.
They also recommend that you don’t touch the Glue Dots, as our body oils will make them less sticky.
You can buy dispensers for Glue Dots that will allow you to refill them and have a permanent way to dispense the size of Glue Dots you use. (I attached two sites to purchase Glue Dots and the dispensers at the bottom of this information)..Of the two dispensers. the blue was empty, and can be filled with any of the varieites that I show in boxes. The second, pink one, came with Mini Glue Dots.

Here are the varieties of Glue Dots available: (There’s a circle on the top right side of Glue Dot boxes that shows the size of the Glue Dots in the box.)

Micro Glue Dots- used intricate, possibly beading on a bag, 325 to a package, 1/8″ across.

Ultra Thin- When you need a flat piece of glue. 300 in a package. 3/8″ wide

Removable Dots- Temporary, made to be removed, 200 in a package, 1/2″ wide

Pop Up Dots- Thick, three dimensional. 75 in a package 1/2″ wide.

All Purpose Dots- Hold up to 8 Lb. Super Strength, all purpose, 3/8″ wide 300 in package

Mini-Dot– bigger than the micro 3/16″ wide 300 in package.

Glue Lines–1″ long, 200 in a package. I think these would be great for homemade envelopes.

X-Large Glue Dots–come in a baggie and are perforated, 60 to a package, and 1″ across.

Glue Dots make runners: There is a wheel on the side of the Glue Dot runners. Roll the wheel so it moves one Glue Dot to the exposed area, then it’s simple to remove only one.

Mini Dots 300 pkg. 3/16″ Kiwi green
Super Strength 3/8″ 200 pkg. red
Ultra-Thin 3/8″ 300 pkg blue
Super Strength Glue Squares 3/16″ 450 pkg. dark blue
Permanent dots 3/8″ 200 pkg. (these Glue Dots are blue) clear blue container
Removable–temporary 3/8″ 450 pkg. green packaging
Removable Squares-temporary darker green packaging

Refillable Glue Dot Runners
Super Strength (Blue) 3/8″ by 72 feet long strips that are perforated.
Temporary (Green) 1/3″ by 52 ft. easy removable, perfect for projects that need to be held down temporarily.

Here’s a link to purchase Glue Dots—


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