How to Mod Podge, Plus More Paper Trimming Techniques, Fun w/ Shelli & Linda

Sorry, I had a memory card that had issues, so I lost the video with Shelli, Linda and I. I feel so dumb when these things happen, but luckily I found the rest of the video (under a chair.)

The card boxes were garage sale finds, and I thought they would be a great project for us to update as they both had a 1990’s feel to them. My box is wood and can be found in almost any big craft store and I put a link to one at Joanns that looks just like the one I covered. The papers we used on them are from DCWV from Michaels in their discounted paper pad section. I bought them last fall to they might not be available any longer.

My paper trimmer is from Cricut and here’s a link to it.

Mod Podge

Wood Box like mine:

I’m sorry I had so many camera issues with Linda and Shelli, as they are so much fun to craft with…And I wish you could have seen and heard our antics.

2 thoughts on “How to Mod Podge, Plus More Paper Trimming Techniques, Fun w/ Shelli & Linda

  1. Loved the video. Rich did a great job. The afternoon was so much fun and I am making great use of my box.


    1. I’m so glad you liked the video. It was such a mess. I lost the stick under my chair and Rich showed me the only stick he thought was from that day and it was completely corrupt. So I think I sent you and Shelli an email saying the video was gone…Then a couple of days ago, another memory card was found under the chair I use in the sunroom, and I was so happy to find the only remaining videos of us….Unfortunately the other card had most of our videos on it, but at least we have a small memento of the day….I’m so glad you’re making great use of your box and hope the three of us can get together this summer for some crafty fun.


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