I have a viewer in Montana named, Sherry, that had made a paper purse that holds several cards inside.  It makes a terrific gift, and I really wanted to make one.  Sherry said she would send me a template and I received it today in the mail.  I couldn’t believe all the work that she did for me.  She not only created a template, but made two different purses in different stages so I would be able to see what they would look like as I created them.  She also sent me a stack of 12 x 12″ Graphic 45 paper, as she and I both have a fondness for it.  If you are ever doing a project that you want to last a lifetime, Graphic 45 paper is made for just such a project.  It’s beautifully colored, strong, but doesn’t crack, and looks rich and elegant.  I can’t recommend it enough.  Sherry also sent some dies, a glue pen and other goodies, and I’ll make sure to share them in a video.  I have the nicest viewers.  So kind and generous–I’m truly blessed to have them.

If you watched the video with Shelli and Linda, it’s really choppy, as I used an old memory card that had issues.  I probably had five or six different segments to the video, but the memory card didn’t record most of them.  It’s so frustrating when that happens.  Then I lost the card and just found it under a chair.  Luckily, the additional footage was on another memory card, and I couldn’t bring myself to delete it, even though I was pretty sure the rest of the footage was lost.  So in the end, Rich pieced it together so there is a little bit of footage of our afternoon together.  I wanted him to write an explanation on the screen about the memory card loss, but he forgot, so viewers really won’t understand what happened unless they read the information below or this blog post.

I guess these things happen to other crafters, although they probably don’t share when it does.

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