I decided to make a video on different stamp cleaners and how they work.  What I found is all of the commercial ones I have work the same….As does my homemade stamp cleanser.  I also found that I got decent results from using alcohol to remove some of the old Staz-On and archival inks on red rubber stamps.  I really liked using hand sanitizer for cleaning clear stamps and the MISTI.  Funny how things we have on hand at home, work just as well as the expensive cleansers we buy in stores.

I talked Rich into uploading another video today.  I have a lot of long videos finished, and I know he’d really like to put those off for a long long time, so I gave him an easier one to put up today.  It’s comparing different inexpensive watercolor papers.

Some days I’m inspired to do a few videos and I think I’ll make at least one card video today as well.  I have a few really great ideas I’ve been sent from viewers, and I’d like to get some of those cards done.  I’m hoping the rain continues so I feel like working in my craft room.  Rain has a way of motivating me like snow does in winter.

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