Rich and I went out to lunch then to see “Adrift” with friends.  If you haven’t seen the trailer for this movie, it’s about a couple taking a sailboat on a sea voyage and getting caught in a hurricane.  I have to say, if you are looking for a high suspense movie, this is it.  At one point I caught Rich with his arms crossed, looking super anxious.  He has a thing about being in the ocean without seeing or being able to get to land.  I leaned over and said “You’ll never be in this situation,” and he seemed to relax.  I recommend this movie, as it’d a great ride.  I liked how they didn’t present the movie in actual time, but kept going back and forth, from when they met, to being adrift and back again.  There is one big twist, and you won’t see it coming, which makes the movie that much more fun.

I finished the card I talked about yesterday.  It’s a fun fold card and is like a concertina, if you know what that is.  It’s the most unusual fun fold I’ve done and I think people will enjoy making and giving this card, as it is so unusual.  I had a lot of little strips of black paper from making twenty photo backings for 4 x 6″ photos for the album I made.  I decided I needed to use some of these, and this card is the perfect excuse.  You need a ton of scraps, and if you have a lot of one color scraps, they’ll be perfect.  I hope you give this one a try.  I’ll ask Rich to put the video up tomorrow so you can see what it looks like.

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