Today I decided to hang out in the house as it is really chilly outside.  OK, it’s probably 60 degrees, but it feels a lot colder to me.  I started reading a book by James Patterson and another author called “The Store.”  It’s about an  online store that’s driving all competitors out of the marketplace.  A husband and wife decide they want to work for and infiltrate the organization to see if there is anything illegal going on.  After they start working there, they find the town, the people and everyone at the company are basically like Stepford Wives.  They are always being watched, and if anyone says anything against “The Store”, they are “transferred,” which means they basically disappear.

It’s one of the books that makes you think about the future and the use of technology to watch and keep track of everything we do.  I get really paranoid when I read these kinds of books, so I needed to take a break and relax.

I’m getting a couple more videos ready for Rich to edit, and that should take up the rest of the evening.  Luckily, I shouldn’t have much time to read. haha

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