Today I hung out with a good friend who wanted to take a road trip to Cleveland.  It’s a little over two hours one way, so we got to catch up and have a nice talk.  She’s catering the food for her niece’s wedding reception, and wanted to check out the facility to see what else she needed to bring with her.
The wedding is small, about 100 people, and I think with the food, the DJ, the cookie table and tables for everyone with a dance floor, this facility will be packed as tightly as possible.  They said it will hold up to 98 people.  That’s a pretty specific number.  I wonder who came up with it and decided not 99 and not 97, but 98 people will fit.  Odd, but then again, aren’t I a little odd for contemplating this number for so long?

Rich has been having problems with his lower back and right hip for at least a year.  We’ve tried almost everything we can think of to relieve the pain, and today tried something new.  We went to a rehab facility that does something like acupuncture, but targets the actual nerves in the areas that hurt.  They use the same needles but then attach a “stim” unit that puts shock pulses into the needles.  Rich seemed to feel a little bit better and he seemed to have more mobility in his hips when they were done, so I’m hoping at some point after many sessions, that he will have permanent relief.  Next week, they’ll be adding laser treatments to his therapy.  Our yellow lab that’s in the photo with me at the top of this page had laser treatments on her hind hips and it really helped her.  Apparently, animal owners started asking for the same treatments their pets were getting and found the same kind of relief from it.  Since I know how much it helped our dog, I’m really encouraged that Rich will get similar relief.  Let’s cross our fingers that he does.

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