Pop Up Concertina Card, A Fun Fold Card

I saw a video on Mixed up Craft making this card and thought it would be fun to make.

You’ll need:
Four pieces of 2″ x 12″ paper that matches your card base, all scored at 2″, 4″, 6″, 8″ and 10″
A card base (I used black), that is 6 1/4″ square
A piece of patterned cardstock to line it, that will coordinate with the small squares of cardstock on the “legs” of the card that is 6″ square. If you have a paper pad that’s 6″ square, this is a perfect card to use some of them on.
I lined the underside of the black paper with a 5 3/4″ square white piece of card stock to write my message on.
If you write a sentiment on all four “legs”, you’ll need 4 white 1 1/2″ square
and 16, 1 1/2″ squares that match the paper that is 6″ square you lined the base with. If you don’t want to add a sentiment, you’ll need 20 of these.
2 black strips 7/8″ wide by 3 1/4″ I don’t recommend using 110 lb card stock, use something not as heavy as you’ll need to punch through these.
You’ll need another black circle that is 1 1/2″
an a 1″ circle in the patterned cardstock that is on the “legs”

Glue your 20 squares on top of each other, patterned paper on black paper.

You’ll want to bend the 12″ strips down then up, then down, then up, then down, and you want the ends to face down.

The third square down is where you’ll put your sentiment, so I made sure to glue those down first. Then glue two above it and two below it, so the last box is empty. Make sure you watch your paper patterns to ensure that they are facing the direction you want them to face. Mine were faced away from the bottom box, pointed toward the top.

Take the 6″ square patterned paper and draw a cross at 3″ mark on the top and side on the underside that is white.. I took one of my legs and put glue on the back of the bottom empty square and glued it to the bottom underneath, centered on the lines I made. If you do a great job, all four will touch each other. Of course I didn’t do a great job, so mine did not, but it will still work, even if you do it like me.
Once all four “legs” are glued to the underside of the patterned paper, glue the black        6 1/4″ piece of cardstock to the side where you have the pencil marks, and glue the white cardstock to the other side of the black cardstock.
Next take your two 3 1/4″ strips and glue them together in the form of a plus sign. Fold all of your legs down onto the card and lay something on top of it. Once the glue is set on your strips, poke a hole in the center of them. I couldn’t punch a hole as mine was too thick, so had to use a pokey tool and put the plus sign on a foam piece and poked holes on it so I can get a ribbon piece through it.

I took a pencil and marked each sides of the plus at the 1/2″ mark and made sure I only put glue on those spots. You’ll want to glue the top and bottom of the plus sign under the “legs”, but only glue it up to the line we made. Once those two have set with glue, do the left and right legs by putting glue on them and laying the plus side down on the card and laying the legs on top of it. They should lay on the 1/2″ marks automatically. If they don’t, then you’ll need to line them up on those marks.

Next, take 12″ of ribbon and your two circles that you glued together. I punched out a 1/4″ square in the center of the circles. Push the folded ribbon through the circle so the top is a loop. Then push the ribbon through the plus sign. I put tear tape and laid it under the top of the plus sign and glued my ribbon ends to the sides of the plus sign.

I used the Hampton Arts Hello stamp and die set for this card.

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