I spent last night making a card that really turned out great.  I know it sounds like I’m bragging, but that card spent most of it’s life in the “hot mess” phase.  I was really seriously doubting that it would actually make it to YouTube.  The card used a Stamp TV, Gina K technique called watercoloring under embossing or maybe it was embossing over watercolor.  Regardless, the secret is covering all of your mistakes with black ink on a foam dauber.  You’ll have to see it to believe it, but the card is cute (and I honestly never thought I’d be able to say that during the making of the card.)

I enjoy making cards like that, because it allows viewers to see someone else make a horrible mess and then redeem it.  It helps them to realize that a lot of people have a difficult time making nice cards, but it happens, sometimes when you least expect it.   This card is a real tribute to not giving up, and believe me, I wanted to..

We had a rainy, drizzly morning here, so I didn’t do very much but fold some laundry and read.  I have another card I’d like to tackle tonight, so I have more work for Rich.  He’s still not feeling well from his appointment, and I’m hoping tomorrow is a better day.  He said he’s hurting a lot worse than before and was willing to take some pain medicine, which is really unusual for him to do.

I’m making him a dinner he really likes. Sausage sandwiches…I hope it cheers him up a little bit.  And then off to the craft room.

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