6/22/2018 & 6/23/2018

I started Friday, by going to garage sales with my good friend, Lynn.  After going to several of them and yawning a lot, I decided I needed to throw in the towel and go home for a nap.  My total purchases were two stuffed animals for the dogs and a wood case that is perfect for storing ink pads.  I really tried to stay alert, even drinking a Mountain Dew at 9:45AM, but nothing seemed to work.  Exhausted, I crawled back into bed and slept for two hours.  I wasn’t sure what was going on with me, but figured my body just needed the rest.  In reality, there was a big storm front coming in later Friday,  that was completely overwhelming all day Saturday, when we had a couples bridal shower (outdoor) to attend.  I’m nothing if not a great weather predictor.

I’m not sure if any of you love going to bridal showers and baby showers, but I’m not a fan of them.  I feel out of place and awkward when I attend, and when it’s a baby shower, Yikes!  The games they play at those are enough to make me run for the hills.  Have you ever played the one where they put a small candy bar inside a diaper and then melt it in a microwave then pass them around like poopy diapers?  Gross….Unfortunately, I’m really good at that game, as chocolate is a passion of mine.  I can guess the name of that melted candy bar with no problem.  Then there’s the one where they take labels off of baby food and you can dip your finger into it to taste it, to determine what it is.  After I’ve seen a few people with their fingers in the jar, I’m gagging and thinking about communicable diseases..I either don’t play that game or write peas for every line item.  (I know my limitations, and this is one of them.)

So a couples bridal shower didn’t seem bad, since I had Rich and they were having a mini Olympics.  I thought it would be fun to watch.  I couldn’t decide on a gift, so got a gift card for their registered store, and made a card that took FOREVER, but looks like it might have been thrown together in seconds.  I had a really hard time with it.  I started by making a cardboard piece so my embossing folder only embossed a portion of the folder.  It worked perfectly and then I used embossing paste and glitter and filled most of the center portion (that wasn’t embossed) with a leaf pattern.  My goal was to make a bunch of layered flowers from an Altenew set and fussy cut them, then lay them around a sentiment that said “Celebrate.”  I stamped them and fussy cut them, but they looked really bland next to the sparkly card front.  So I used Stickles to make them 3-D and give them some glitz, but the black I used would NOT dry.  I tried using my heat tool, nothing.  I let them set for several hours, still wet.  In the end, I put the flowers on the card and a lot of the black had either rubbed off or melted from the heat tool, gross!

This could be the moment I lost my mind and got out the sequins and went nuts.  I might have put too many on the card, but I wanted to detract from the crazy ugly black centers of the flowers.  Oh, don’t worry, it gets worse.  Rich and I are college friends with the bride’s parents.  I don’t know the bride or groom, but somehow, even looking at the invitation, I wrote the bride’s sister’s name inside the card.  I did get the groom’s name correct, so apparently her sister is marrying the groom.  Darn it…I didn’t realize it until I wrote their names on the outside of the sealed envelope (that I had to custom make due to the card’s size.)  I could not bring myself to make another envelope, so we put address labels over their names on the envelope…Yes, I’m classy.  It didn’t occur to me until we were on our way to the shower (in a terrible rain storm), that I’d written the wrong name  on the gift card and the inside of the card.  I felt stupid, but when we got to the shower, I told my friend (the bride’s mother) what I’d done, and she said she was so frazzled from planning the shower, that she wrote the wrong daughter’s name on her card too.  I felt so much better!

The rain had really picked up in intensity on our way to the shower, so by the time we got there, they had rivers running through their back yard.  They had prepared with big tents, but had a gap between the tents, and that’s where the river was, and also where you needed to walk to get between tables for seating and all of the food and drinks.  I give the family of the bride credit, they didn’t seem to be fazed by the twenty-plus cars that were sinking into their lawn, and I mean sinking.  I tried to sit in a chair under a tent, and that chair was stuck, secure and for good, in a muddy muck, so tried another that was only partially stuck.

We didn’t stay long, just long enough to eat and watch the egg toss competition.  The women that won had an egg that was unbelievable.  They dropped it three times in the game, and it never broke.  After their victory, they threw it into the air as high as they could, and it didn’t break when it hit the ground.  From that point, it was a goal of  the younger men to see if they could be the one to break it.  Several men threw it as high as possible, and when it landed, nothing.  It could be because the ground was so wet and it literally sunk into the grass, but I’ve never seen anything like it.  I don’t know if anyone ever broke it, as I lost interest after four or five men couldn’t defeat it.  Also the storm clouds were moving back in, and I had no interest in jogging to the car in a downpour.  By then my feet were wet to right below my ankles, and it was starting to smell like earthworms.  I’d had enough.  (This is also one of those moments when you realize you’re old, as the younger people were having so much fun with the rain, and I’m whining about my wet feet.  Oh to be twenty again….)

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