Rich and I went out to lunch with friends and ate overlooking Lake Erie.  It was a nice break from our normal routine.  After, he had an appointment to get dry needling and I read in the lobby, then went across the street to a deli, and got their day’s special for dinner.

Rich was tired, but wanted to stop on the way home at a historic war remembrance site, where they have a Vietnam helicopter on display.  He took several photos that I’m sure will be on his facebook page at some point in the future.  He’s really talented and does a terrific job making his photos memorable.

Tomorrow will be the video upload of the card I made for the wedding shower, and I hope people learn from some unusual techniques I did..  I intended to do one thing, and ended up doing another.  The techniques are interesting, but the card (I think) is a little over the top.  Maybe every once in a while it’s OK to do a crazy glitter card.

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