Rich and I went to see “Tag” with friends today.  We thought it was funny and we really enjoyed it.    My original plan for the day was to hang out with the dogs and make cards, but our friends called, and we couldn’t say no.  So naturally I haven’t followed through with the cards I wanted to make today, so I guess tomorrow’s another day.

Since it was a rainy day, Honey gets nervous….we didn’t anticipate thunder, but we must have had some, as Honey had accidents all over our living room,  Yikes!  So we came home to Honey whining because of the mess she’d made on the carpet and herself, and we had to reassure her that it was OK, so she would stop crying.

Our neighbor’s construction project has been really upsetting her, and we now wake up to Honey whining.  Once we pull her between us and both of us put one hand on her, she calms down and goes back to sleep.  It’s only taken us two years to figure out that she needs us to hold her to calm her.  I feel terrible about that.

I looked into making a DIY thunder shirt for her and it’s really simple.  It takes an ACE bandage and you wrap it from her back over her chest and leg, then around her back, and then around the other side of her chest in an “X” and around her back again.  It sounds confusing when I explain it, but there are tons of YouTube videos that show how to do it.  The next thunder storm/fireworks/hunting season, we’re going to be trying it out.  That poor dog needs to have some relief from her anxiety.  Some of you probably think I’m nuts for talking so much about her, but we’ve had dogs all of our married lives, and we’ve never had a dog that has this much stress.  It’s painful to watch, and if you’re a dog lover like me, you know what I’m saying.

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