It’s been around 90 degrees here all week, so I’ve been spending more time indoors.  Today’s focus has been on cleaning and buying food for our picnic tomorrow.  We normally go to Lake Erie, but with Honey’s anxiety, we decided to stay here.  We’ve invited two other couples that we’ve spend holidays with, almost our entire adult lives.  When Rich’s dad was alive, he had picnics for every holiday of the summer, and that tradition has been lost since his passing.  Rich and I decided to bring it back (in a very small way), by hanging with a few of the same people his dad loved.  Along the way, they became our close friends too.

I’m not a fan of entertaining large crowds, so six or seven people will be great.  I can control Honey with a few people too.  The biggest reasons for us celebrating here rather than Lake Erie are the heat, and Honey’s anxiety.

Our friends were very understanding, as they’ve had pets before, and we’ve never asked to have a change of venue before.

I worked in my craft room yesterday, but it’s so unorganized and messy, that I almost dread going in there.  My girlfriend is going to be refinishing a dresser for me to put more crafty things inside, and that should give me more space for organization.  That’s the one thing that I’ve discovered about me.  I like organization that is hidden and not on shelves.  I’ve bought a few sets of shelves but don’t really like them, because everything I put on them is always in view.  I prefer hiding my messes.  That’s my advice to someone creating a new craft room.  Buy cabinets or dressers, anywhere you can hide the things you buy.  Ultimately, they are easier to keep organized, and hide what isn’t.   Trust me, you’ll thank me later for this tip.

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