7/4 & 7/5/2018

I hope all of you who celebrate the 4th of July, had  wonderful day.  We had a really nice time with our friends, and ate way way too much.  But isn’t that what holidays are all about?  It was 90 degrees outside and our house has a weird heating system (coils in the ceilings), so we don’t have vents, so no central air conditioning.  We have a window air conditioner in our bedroom, and two portable air conditioners that sit on the floor and vent through windows, but they did nothing to help with the heat.  It could have been just me though, because when I entertain, I’m never really relaxed, so might have been having slight hot flashes on and off all day.  Yes, I was a pretty, and I do mean pretty, sweaty mess.

We separated the women from the men, and we women ate at our dining room table.  We had one chair that Rich had “repaired” a while ago, and normally I really try to make sure no one sits in that chair.  Unfortunately, my closest friend sat in it and half way through lunch, the chair literally disintegrated under her.  It looked like a bomb had gone off, and all that was left was kindling.  I was mortified, and so worried that my girlfriend had really gotten hurt.  She kept saying she was fine, but I think she was more embarrassed than anything else, so didn’t want to say anything.  I’ll bet she’s got bruises everywhere.  I’ll be seeing her tomorrow and hope she’s not feeling terrible…What a way to ruin her day of fun.

Today we decided we would run the errands that we’ve been putting off.  Getting our passports renewed is a big one.  I hate getting those photos taken, and now they’ve changed the rules, so you can’t smile and eye glasses need to be removed.  I don’t know about you, but looking stern isn’t the way I want people to see me for ten years.  Gross.

Apparently facial recognition software doesn’t work well if you smile or wear glasses.  So going through customs, you’ll need to frown and remove your glasses, or they’ll confuse you with everyone else, apparently.  Frowning isn’t a problem, as I’m usually between connecting flights when I go through customs, and almost always on the verge of tears, knowing I’ll be delayed long enough to miss my next flight.  At least they’ll know it’s me from the frown I’ll be sporting.  Maybe having people frown on their passport is a good idea after all, since how many people do you know that are happy when they go through customs?

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