7/6 & 7/7/2018

I went to several garage sales yesterday and bought four paint brushes and four stuffed animals.  The animals were for the dogs to play with, and of course, the paint brushes were for me.   After garage sales, we went to lunch with friends, then to Rich’s dry needling appointment.  I’ve decided I’m much better either reading in the lobby, or reading in the car, as I attract strangers like bees to honey.  Rich’s appointments seem to mirror another Richard’s appointments, so his wife and grown son are always there when we are.  The waiting area has five chairs, and I try to find the empty chair furthest away from them, so I can read.  The wife, who is in her seventies, likes to strike up a conversation with anyone and everyone, and she often doesn’t make much sense.  Her discussion with her son went like this.  “Joey, Joey, hey Joey!”  He couldn’t ignore her any longer, so he looked up.  “Are you doing homework?”  Since I didn’t look up, I’m assuming he shook his head no.  Her next question was this, and I’m not making it up.  “Joey, Are you trying to change the channel on the tv with your phone?”  His reply, “No.”  Since the tv she was talking about was in the medical office, I decided it was time for me to read in the car, or her next question would be for me.   She’s already held me captive for one of Rich’s hour long appointments, and I am better off in the car.

Today was absolutely beautiful outside and in the mid 70’s.  You can’t ask for better weather.  We decided to sit on our patio and read, but we were too close to the bird house that hangs from our awning, so the mother bird didn’t feel safe enough to feed her babies.  They started getting really agitated, so we retreated inside the house, and weren’t inside longer than twenty seconds, until she was at the bird house with food in her beak.  She’s a great provider.  I love watching them from my chair in the sun room, and since the same type bird makes her nest there every year, we have great front row seats to her and her family.

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