I’m not going to freak out.  OK, maybe I am.  I went to do a really great fun fold card on video and my camera didn’t work.  I tried changing batteries and shaking it–that’s Sandy’s system for camera malfunctions, and my system was a big fat fail.  Darn IT!

So I pulled out a video camera I had bought a while ago and hated the audio it produced, but decided I could try it in the meantime.  And the battery is dead, so not sure how long it will take to charge.  Once it’s charged, we’ll find out if the audio is as bad as I remember…if it is, I can’t put a video online with audio that sounds like it came through a large bucket.  That means no new videos until my replacement comes in the mail.

I had some really great mojo going into this card making session, and now I’m just fretting.  I have a  video done, but it’s super long, and I just can’t make Rich put it online until he’s in the mood.  This could be the longest video I’ve ever made, and even I wouldn’t want to edit it.

Let’s cross our fingers that I can get the audio to work until my replacement camera comes, otherwise it might be a week before I upload another video.  Drat!

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