Rich has been editing the video I made yesterday and he’s trying to fix the sound, but it’s not good.  He said he can fix my voice to make it loud enough, but there’s a clicking sound, possibly coming from the camera, that he’s trying to minimize…I can’t wait to get my replacement camera in the mail, as I have some videos I want to make and don’t want to waste them on this camera.  Nobody would be interested in listening to a camera making clicking noises, I’m positive of that.

So today I decided to clean my craft room instead of making videos.  I want to make good use of my time until the new camera comes.  What a horrible mess!  I was going to video the before and after, but was too ashamed of the “before.”  I spent three or four hours in there and only have about half the room clean.  The other half is a lot harder to tackle, so I’m leaving that for tomorrow.  I found some things I forgot I had, and discovered a drawer that I haven’t looked inside for at least a year, so am going to make good use of it.

I’d like to do more tonight, but I’m exhausted, and tomorrow is another day.

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