I really wanted to make a card today, and that means a video.  Since I broke the camera I’ve been using since the beginning of my channel (boo hoo!), I decided to try a video camera I had bought (thinking it would work better,) but didn’t do any research on it before buying it.  Here’s what I found after one use.  The microphone on it is HORRIBLE!  I sound muffled and like I’m talking from a mile away, but inside a box, if you can imagine that scenario.  I’d forgotten just how much I dread using this camera until I used it today.  When I watched the video, I could barely hear anything I said, and it was really muffled.  I immediately had flashbacks as to why I hate this camera.  The other issue is that it doesn’t have the capacity to add another microphone, so I’m stuck.  Rich said he can adjust the sound, and he better be able to work wonders, or this video is destined for hate comments and a bunch of thumbs down.

The card I made, on the other hand, is really cute*, and not at all difficult to make.  It’s called an arrow fold card and it’s exactly like it sounds.  I liked making it and was really happy with the results.  I know a lot of viewers will want to make this card, as I don’t think it’s all over the internet yet, and any new and different designs are always fun to try.   I have been keeping lists of cards I’d like to make, and this one was top on my list.  I enjoy trying all kinds of fun fold cards because I know I can make them, as compared to more artistic techniques that can sometimes be a struggle for all of us.

In the mean time, I ordered a replacement camera and I’m hoping it arrives quickly, as I might start to go into withdrawals if I can’t make a video in the next couple of days.

*When I say a card I made is really cute, I’m not trying to pat myself on the back..It’s the card’s concept that is cute..I know often I say cards I make are cute, but I seriously don’t want anyone to think it’s all about me and my card making savvy.  I simply like the card, whether I make it or someone else does, it’s the fold or idea of the card that I like.

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