7/12 & 7/13/2018

I got my camera on Thursday, so no more going through withdrawals.  It made me super happy, but I still hadn’t finished cleaning my craft room, and now the problem is working on that side of the room to have space to work.  I went to a few garage sales and found a couple of cool metal storage containers that should work well for markers and pencils, pretty much anything that’s flat.  When I got home, I should have worked on my craft room, but wasn’t feeling great, so spent the afternoon and evening reading and watching television.  Sometimes I feel like I’m a slug, but have to remind myself that I have a disease and the days of pretending I’m Super Girl are gone.

Today I went to several garage sales and found some fun and unique things.  After I got home, I started thinking about other videos I’d like to try, and here’s one I’d like feedback on.  We have house wrens that make a home out of a birdhouse I have under my awning every year.  I’m not sure if it’s the same family, but every year they return.  They’ve had their babies and are in the feeding stage now, and it’s really interesting to watch and listen to.  The babies are really loud, but if the mother or father bird use a certain call, they immediately are quiet.  I think it might be “stranger danger” in people terms, as those babies know to be silent until the mother or father bird return to the bird house.  I think I’d like to set the video camera up so it catches all of it..The feeding, the calls, the coming and going.  I find it fascinating, and think others would too.  It’s definitely not a craft video, but do all of my videos have to be crafty?  I’m just wondering if anyone would be interested in watching and listening to a video featuring my bird family?

Oh, and one other thing happened that’s note worthy.  I was at a garage sale for a teacher I’ve known for many years.  She teaches arts/crafts at a local high school.  She showed her students some of my videos and wanted me to know that one of her students chose my tie-dye sneaker video to do for her class project.  The teacher loved them and the student was really proud of her accomplishment.  I couldn’t be happier, knowing a student got an A because she watched one of my videos…Life is Good!

One thought on “7/12 & 7/13/2018

  1. I’d love to watch a bird video. I can’t feed the birds here because the deer knock the feeders down and eat the seed.


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