I got the new camera ready and started making a video…then the battery went dead, and then another and another.  It’s the exact same camera as I used before, only this one eats batteries like I eat candy.  Then of course it through me off my game and I ended up making a postcard that is absolutely dreadful, and will have to rethink the whole plan.  I thought I had a great idea, but naturally, probably not because of the new camera, (although I am going to blame it on that), the project had to be chucked.  I hate wasting so much energy on something that’s going in the trash, and believe me, this card will not see the light of day, or YouTube.

I did talk to Rich about videotaping the baby birds, so I’m hoping he can figure out a way to keep the camera running while waiting for our mother and father bird to not only feed their babies, but possibly see the babies leave the nest.  I’m really hoping Rich can capture that, as we’ve never seen the babies leave the house and I’d love to see them do it just once.

On a completely unrelated note, our nephew passed his nursing boards, and is ready to take his career by the horns.  We could not be more proud of him or the man he’s become.

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