I often had to have moles and spots taken off my skin as my mother had melanoma, and I’m very light skinned.  When I was young, the highest SPF I can ever remember seeing, was a four.  And a lot of my friends would just use baby oil and put iodine in it so it turned their skin a reddish color, also crazy.  I couldn’t be out in the sun for very long, or I was sunburned, and as you get older, you realize how dumb it was that we got burned so often as kids.  I didn’t know that getting a bad sunburn before the age of eighteen, increases your chances for getting skin cancer significantly.  I have had spots taken off that were pre-cancerous, and one on the very top of my head that was skin cancer, but not melanoma.  Because of my mother having melanoma, I’m supposed to be checked at least annually by a doctor, to ensure I don’t miss something in my “spot checking.”  Since I have tons of spots, it would be easy to do.  I had a mark on the top of my foot, right at the crease of the ankle that was looking dark.  So after a couple of appointments, my dermatologist decided to remove it.  It’s fast and almost pain free, and I never mind going to have spots removed.  Unfortunately, the placement on this one will make healing difficult, according to my doctor.  He said it could be over a month before it heals, so I’m putting my foot up to reduce swelling and thinking that I might not get into the craft room today.  I really want to make that county fair box card, but I find ways to procrastinate, thus being the case today.

I just talked to a viewer who said she spends 90% of her time looking at videos and only 10% making cards.  I told her I think that’s probably average, as we look at a video, decide if we want to make the card, then decide if that person explained it easily, or do we need to go to another crafter to see if they explained it better.  I spend so much time researching and could be making a lot more cards, but I don’t want to make ten of one card.  I like to make a couple at the most, as I want people to feel special when they get one of my cards.  Maybe that’s why it takes me so long to make a card.  If I did several, I could do an assembly line process and make a lot at once.  I don’t do that…darn…I should rethink how I make cards and maybe I would be more efficient and have less waste to clean if I use the excess on other cards.  Or, maybe the real truth is that I just like to procrastinate.

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