I spent most of the day going to garage sales with my girlfriend.  It can be a very disappointing experience when you don’t find things, but fortunately, an older lady in our area that’s a baker, was selling her baked goods, so the day was saved!  Rich loves her lemon bread, so I bought him a couple of loaves and his happiness was complete.  His lower back and hip are still really hurting, and the bi-weekly procedures he’s been getting, don’t seem to be helping much with the pain.  It’s hard to see him hurting, as I always kind of hoped that I could be the one to “take it for the team.”  I wish it was that easy, but it’s not.

As for the crafting side of things….yesterday, my friend Rebecca, from Rubber Stamp Tapestry, sent me a link to an event that Stationary Trends Magazine is having to encourage people to send a card a day to someone during a week in September.  I posted all of the information on facebook and will talk about it a lot in upcoming weeks.  It’s a way to get people to give back, and send words of encouragement to friends, family and strangers.  I loved the idea and the magazine encouraged people to talk about why it’s so important for them to participate.  So I wrote about the YouTube channel and that I send cards to viewers who are struggling, and that I admire their initiative.  I almost immediately got an email back from someone at the magazine, asking if I would write up something about myself and my YouTube channel, submit at least two or three of my videos, and they would feature the channel in their “inspirations” page.  I am over the moon excited about this opportunity.  I don’t know the reach of the magazine, but I’m thrilled that the channel will be recognized, and more people with physical limitations will have an avenue to hear about it.

I’ve also gotten a couple more companies asking me to try their products and they’ll offer discounts to my viewers for purchases of the products.  The only thing I get out of it is the product to try, but that’s the best way for all of us to know if it will work for us.  And if it’s one less product I have to buy, it allows me to buy something else for us to try.  I’m really happy that companies are recognizing that people with physical limitations can’t necessarily use the same tools as those without, and I’m so excited to try these products, and pass them on when I can’t use them, or hopefully, be able to add them to my arsenal.

I really never thought the channel would get this far, and I’m so happy that it has.  I know I’ve said this a hundred times, but the channel isn’t monetized, so the joy I get from this process is the payment I receive.  I absolutely love doing it and meeting so many wonderful people like all of you.  Thanks for being there for me and for coming along for the ride.


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