Today, Rich and I went to the “The Rock” in Skyscraper.  If you are old enough to remember “Die Hard,” then you’ve basically seen the movie.  There was one “jump out of my seat” moment, when it seemed like he was falling one-hundred floors to his death.  It was entertaining,  but probably better as a video rental.

When we got home, I fully intended to do some crafting, but got sidetracked when watching YouTube videos.  I found one that talked about how a woman lives in her car for $800 a month, and thought “that seems expensive.”  So I watched the video, and she earns $800 a month, and she only pays a portion of that to live in her car.  It was interesting to know that it was her choice and she’s enjoying it, but that there’s a whole movement toward people living in cars, trucks and vans by choice.  Apparently tiny houses just aren’t tiny enough.  Who knew?  Of course then I found a video on the pitfalls of living in a tiny house, most of which I had already figured out for myself.  Why do I allow myself to get waylaid by crazy videos?  I guess because I can.  I have a plan for myself and tomorrow, I’m going to stick to it.  I’m not watching any videos on dumpster diving, how to make an entertainment center from the Dollar Tree, or the best potato salad made by a woman who really doesn’t measure anything….I am going to make that box card, or throw in the towel and watch some other crazy videos, but I have a plan.

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