Organizing Arteza Brush Pens and Decorating Storage Boxes and Creating a Background for Videos

I bought this set of Arteza Brush Pens and wanted to organize them. I
also wanted to show a background board that I covered and showed how to make it. I started with a large piece of cardboard from a paper trimmer I bought, and covered one side with washi tape from the Dollar Tree, then, turned to the opposite side and covered it with the same washi tape, then did both ends. I finished with a different washi tape in the center, then covered the whole piece with clear contact paper so the washi tape won’t pull up.  I had showed this briefly in another video and a viewer asked me to show how I’d done it.

As for the Arteza pens, I bought a box at a garage sale for a quarter that was for manicure/pedicures and wanted to cover the front so it looked better. I put Art tape from the Dollar Tree (that’s really just electrical tape that’s thinner, and covered the edges of my box front with it, then used a matching washi tape to cover rows inside the art tape, then a couple more rows of the art tape, then put a piece of decorator paper in the center. I put a sticker on the front of the box that said it contained the Arteza pens.
Then I took a pad of name badge stickers and cut them in strips. I used one brush marker and colored in one strip the length of the badge, then waited for it to dry, and wrapped it around the center of the pen near the name of the color and cut off any excess once I went around the marker once.  I put them back in the box and then I’ll know exactly what color each marker is…
I hope this answered any questions you might have about how I organize and label my markers/ pens / watercolor pencils/ and colored pencils.


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