Summer is flying by… It seems like fall is almost upon us, Yikes!  So we’re trying to make the most of summer by doing as many activities with friends as possible.  Today we went to an outlet mall and had a great time shopping.  Rich found all kinds of bargains for the things he needed, so came home a happy guy.  I love watching him shop when he finds something he really likes, and today he found so many things….nice to see.

Then we went out for supper and had a nice dinner with our friends.  I had purchased a blue glass bowl shaped like a fish for our girlfriend who has a house on Lake Erie.  It’s the perfect size for a salad for four, and she always makes the best salads, so I thought, “great gift!”  I made a gift tag for her on video, using some mixed media, and it turned out really cute if I do say so myself….but I’ll wait to hear your thoughts once you watch the video.

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