Where did the month of July go?  Holy cow, it went fast!  I put the fishy tag online accidentally, before finishing my notes, or adding any videos to the end, and am not really sure how I did that, but went back in and fixed everything later.  I’m just glad it’s  up.

I went into the craft room and worked on a card featuring an old Mustang convertible, and I really liked the technique I used, but did it on a piece of cardstock that was too small, and I lost part of the car in the process.  So tomorrow I’m going to redo that part of the video and try to make the technique work on a larger piece of cardstock, or do less of the edging technique, so both can exist on a regular size card.  I would have loved to have made it a 5 x 7″ card, but am also using an embossing folder, and it’s only large enough to work with a smaller card.  And speaking of the embossing folder, I wasn’t thinking, and put too many layers into my Vagabond and halfway through embossing, the machine jammed.  The one thing you have to know about the first Vagabonds (like mine), is if something jams in them and you can’t get them out, your machine is toast.  So I tried getting it out on my own, then enlisted Rich to push down hard on both sides of the “sandwich” while I pushed the button….It came right out.  Without his brute strength, I would have had to throw in the towel on it, because I tried to fix it by myself for at least ten minutes before giving up.  Every time I do that (almost getting something stuck), I swear I won’t do it again.  It only takes a few months for me to forget, and next thing you know, I’ve got another jammed embossing folder.  I’m not equipped to use a machine that doesn’t know to reverse when it’s going to jam.  That’s the great feature of the Vagabond II….reverses when it’s going to jam…I could have waited for it to come out before buying one, but just wanted one so badly, and now I kind of regret it, as there might be a time that even Rich won’t be able to save it.


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