I spent a rainy afternoon making a card for Rich, featuring his Mustang.  I don’t often make cards for Rich, and he deserves to be spoiled, so today was the day.

The card had some issues, but I hope, in the end, that he likes it.  I did a few different techniques and ended up completely cutting out one of them….I wanted to include it, but the image was too large, so I had to cut it down to fit on the card base….oh well, at least you’ll get to see the cool effect before I cut it off.

Other than making the card, Rich and I tried a new recipe for steak on the grill.  You coat the steak with kosher salt and let it sit for an hour.  Then thoroughly rinse the salt off, and it tenderizes the meat.  What I suspected, and what actually happened, was the salt made it super salty, and no amount of rinsing would help.  The steak was edible, but boy was it salty.  It’s just like making cards.  If you never try a recipe like this, you’ll never know if it works or not…and I don’t recommend this one.

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