I finished a card I made using acetate as the card front, and covering it with large gerber daisies.  It looks great and I can’t wait for my girlfriend to get it, as she loves gerber daisies.

I also made a wreath builder template.  I saw it on several YouTube channels and thought, how hard could it be to make, and the answer is, not very hard at all.  The hardest part about it was trying to find small images that I could stamp in my MISTI that weren’t peg stamps.  I actually tried using the template with the MISTI and using peg stamps first, and honestly, I think my wreath turned out just fine.  Did I use it like it was intended, no, but I make the best wreaths with my peg stamps, so why not use them instead?  At the very least, I wanted to show people that you don’t need to use a wreath builder template to make a wreath.  I hope that made sense.  I see people using these templates like there’s no other way to stamp in a circle, and I wanted to prove to myself that it just isn’t necessary.  With that being said, I haven’t tried using the template with floral inspired stamps yet, and will be jumping on that in the next day or two.  In the meantime, I’m so happy that I made a couple of cards that I like, and hope you will like them too.

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