I was in the zone today making cards..  I started by making my own version of a wreath template, as I saw a video making one from a Stampin’ Up rep in England (can’t remember her name, darn it)….It didn’t look hard to make, so I gave it a try.  My first one wasn’t really well made, and the card moved around inside it, so my wreath wasn’t perfect, so I made another one on video, and made a card using the first template.  You can tell that it’s not a perfect fit, as the stamps don’t line up perfectly where they should.  I’m hoping the second one I made won’t have the same issues.  If it does, I’m giving up on it…

I’ve been milling around making a card where I create my own fish bowl and then put the big goldfish stamp that I’ve been showing in hauls inside.  I can’t wait for you to see the video on this one, as it turned out really frisky.  I wasn’t sure if I could make it look right, as my fish is as big as the fishbowl, but it reminds me of an old Dr. Suess book about a fish that keeps growing and growing…My fish bowl is almost all fish and very little bowl left over.  I still really love it and hope you do too.  I think anyone can make this work if they have a big round die and a fish stamp.  I hope a lot of my viewers give it a whirl..And it works for a man or a woman, and it’s always hard to make masculine cards, so this is a great idea for those gaps we need to fill in our card making. 99% female cards and 1% male…Believe me, I know it’s hard to make cards for men, but this one is a keeper.

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