Rich finally found the time to put one of my videos up today.  I hate it when there’s a big lag in video uploading, and have been fretting about this for a few days now.  I’m going to make sure another video goes up either tomorrow or the next day, to make up for this long wait.

I have been getting some great emails from viewers who are including photos of the projects they have been making and we’ve been uploading those to facebook…and yesterday, I got an email from our crafty friends in Puerto Rico with a photo of the ladies making cards.  I am thrilled that they have kept in touch with me, and worry that they might have another difficult hurricane season this year.  They have been through so much, and I give them so much credit for their resiliency.  Such lovely ladies, and hearing from them always puts a smile on my face.

In their update, they mentioned that they have a new lady in their crafty circle, as we sent so many craft supplies,  they were able to share with her.  I couldn’t be more thrilled to know that all of our collection efforts have helped yet another lady find her crafty mojo..

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