I came up with a really good idea for a video today.  I’m going to go to our local Dollar Tree, and find all of the products there, that I have re-purposed for crafty tools/storage, and make a video of them.  I thought it would be a great way to show you don’t need expensive tools to get a lot of crafty jobs done.  I’m going to ask if I can videotape the items, and hopefully, they’ll allow me to show the items on the racks, so you’ll know what department to find them in.  If they don’t, I’ll just tell people where to find them.  I thought it would be cool to show how to use them in a different way from what they were intended, and go from there.  I’ve already thought of ten items, but once I go through the store, I’m sure I’ll find more.

I’m also going to start working on the purse that holds note cards that is a really great gift.  I’ve put off making it because it’s been so hot, and my craft room doesn’t have direct air conditioning, and I know this will be a long process, and I don’t want to pass out from the heat while making the video.  All things in time, I guess.

If you haven’t been checking out my facebook page, “Crafting for Almost Everyone,”  I’ve been putting up some of Rich’s photos.  I’m going to continue to show them as I’ve gotten great response from them, and I know Rich is happy that people have been enjoying his creations as well as mine…

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