I started working in my craft room late in the day yesterday, after I’d written the blog for the day.  I was making a butterfly pop out card (actually, I made two of them, but only one is on video.)  I embossed the first card base, and I forgot to pull out one of the plastic layers in the Vagabond, and it almost got stuck….So I put it through again, and this time it went well, but made a really weird noise.  I needed to put another piece through, and this time the Vagabond moved it forward maybe an inch, then made the weird noise and threw it backward probably two inches.  Obviously the math says it all…I had finally jammed something into the Vagabond that had broken it.  I had Rich look at it, and because he’s the best husband ever, said, “well it wasn’t made to last forever, and you’ve had it a long time, so now it’s time for a new one.”  He could have said, “I wondered when you’d finally jam something in there that couldn’t come out.” which is what I thought about myself.

Since I had the first Vagabond, anything that jams it, is in there secure and for good.  Vagabond 2 has a reverse on it, so nothing will get stuck in it…So after midnight, I was on Amazon buying my new Vagabond and it should be here tomorrow…YAY!  I’m relieved that I won’t have to worry about jamming it any more, but worry that I still might have the capability of jamming it any way.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

So the card I made last night (after getting jammed into the Vagabond) had a problem with the seam tearing, and I needed to remake most of that card.  I also finished the second card that’s a birthday card for one of my college friends who loves the outdoors and hiking.  I hope she likes is.  Here’s a photo of the one I didn’t videotape…both inside and out.


KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

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