I wanted to make a birthday card today, but without the Vagabond, I was stuck.  I can’t believe I ever worked without one, as it makes life so much easier.  I thought I had a circle cutter that would work, but couldn’t find that, and then I thought I’d probably have a circle punch that was big enough, but clearly, that was not the case.  So I gave up on the project until tomorrow, when hopefully, the Vagabond should be here.

I did make a small haul video, as a lot of viewers like them, and I think they’re kind of fun as well. I decided to put up another of Rich’s photos, one from this spring.  I really liked it and hope you do too.  He didn’t do anything to the image, it’s just as it was when he took it.  I know he does a lot of Photoshopping, but this hasn’t been touched.

My favorite flower is a stephanotis, and this flower reminds me of it..I’ll post a photo of it below.  I did a Google search, and the second photo is Stephanotis…I carried them in my wedding bouquet along with white roses and orchids.  It was a really big bouquet and was so heavy, my hand had a welt from carrying it.  I loved it though, as the front of my dress from the waist down was really plain, and I wanted the bouquet to be the star of the gown….And in my opinion, it was.  Maybe someday I’ll post some photos of us when we were married, so you can see the bouquet..and how young we were…Almost thirty-six years ago, Wow, time passes fast._DSC00391024px-Starr_080530-4657_Marsdenia_floribunda-600x450

2 thoughts on “8/15/2018

  1. I remember your wedding! And I remember your bridal shower. Was it at your house in the family room downstairs? Wherever it was, my mom and I got to sit at a table with Sharon Stone and her mom. I was in awe …


  2. That was Cathy’s wedding shower. It was at our neighbor’s house, in their basement. I’ll bet you were in awe, as most people were. We just kind of remembered her as a girl we grew up with, and whose family was friends with ours. She was at our wedding, and we had a bridal dance where you pay a dollar and dance with either the bride or groom. Sharon (who wasn’t very famous yet), told my brother-in-law that she’d never paid to dance with a man, and my brother-in law (Rich’s brother), said “If you want to dance with my brother, you’re going to have to pay.” So ever since then, Rich’s told people that “Sharon Stone paid to be with me on our wedding day.” We thought that was funny, but when mom told Dorothy (Sharon’s mom) about it, she didn’t think so. Apparently she thought we were going to sell the story or something…Geez, can’t you just take a joke… Her dad was one of my dad’s pallbearers, and Cathy was afraid paparazzi would be at the funeral home….she was super paranoid, and my dad would have thought that was hysterical, paparazzi hiding in the bushes at his funeral…

    I didn’t have a local bridal shower, as Rich’s mom threw one for me in Youngstown with sixty strangers…Not one of my best memories…I didn’t have a clue where to look to thank people for gifts, and was really embarrassed by the crowd and the fact that I knew none of them.


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