Today we went to the local Dollar Tree and I went through the entire store, discussing and videotaping all kinds of products that aren’t necessarily designed for crafts, but how I use them in a crafty fashion.  I had intended to ask the manager if it was OK to do the video, but they were super busy, so we just did it on the sly.  I felt kind of dirty doing it that way, and people were giving me really odd looks, but that’s OK…the important part is that we made the video.  Rich even took the time to take a video of the two of us in the store,  so people know he’s part of the team (he’s a ham…)    I’m not sure how many products I talked about, but there were at least twenty-five.  I had a lot of fun, and when we left, I was worried someone would stop me because I knew I had a guilty look on my face, like I’d stolen something…I’m just a rule follower, darn it.

So my Vagabond II die cutting machine came in the mail, and as much as I want to jump right into setting it up, I’m a little bit tired, and think I’ll do it tomorrow.  Yesterday, HSN (Home Shopping Network) was having a craft day.  They were featuring as their “Today’s Special Value” a very small electric die cutting/embossing machine.  I was laughing so hard, because the demonstrator was showing how even using a battery instead of plugging into electric, this machine has serious power….and then the thing she shoved inside got stuck.  I mean stuck.  They left the camera on her long enough for me to realize that whatever was in there, wasn’t coming out, and then they went to graphics.  Talked about how it knows when things are too thick, and will spit them back out, blah blah blah.  And then they went back to the demonstrator, who now had (clearly) a new machine, as she gave them the thumbs up for it working again.  Yes, it was working, because they ran onto the stage, grabbed the broken one, and replaced it with one that worked.  And I thought i was the only one who could completely break an unbreakable tool….It’s good to not be alone..


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