Today I relaxed.  After yesterday’s drama, I just wanted to have some fun…So we went to see Crazy Rich Asians, and it was exactly what I needed.  Sweet and funny, and romantic comedy always makes me happy.

After we got home, I finished a card I was making for one of my college girlfriends.  it didn’t go well, and I’m pretty sure part of the video was deleted, but the card is done, and I can cross it off my things to do list.  The hardest part in making cards for me, is getting them in the mail.  I can’t just put a stamp on them and call it good, as my cards are almost always to thick in some small portion, and requires hand stamping, so I need to go to the post office for them to make that determination.  I guess I could always assume they are too thick, but just when I think that’s the case, I get a different postal worker, and half of them are normal postage.  Go figure…The post office is a mystery to me, that’s for sure.  I mailed a card to a friend in Canada, and it took longer to get to her, than it did to get to another friend in the UK…

The Dollar Tree video continues to get a ton of views and is bringing a bunch of new people to our site.  I can’t tell you how excited we are when we find a video that really resonates with people like this one did.  Of course we also got six thumbs down. and that’s another mystery to me….what’s not to like about a Dollar Tree visit?  If you don’t like the Dollar Tree, why watch the video at all?  Maybe they thought I was tricking them with my tips…I just can’t figure it out.  When I got the first thumbs down on a video, I was so disappointed, but now I realize it’s just a fact of life when you are on YouTube.  It did take me a while before I stopped caring…probably two years, haha..

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