Today we went to our local county fair with two other couples (college friends)…I don’t know how many of you keep in touch with high school or college friends, but Rich and I are so lucky to have a lot of our old friends nearby, with similar interests to ours.  As we were getting ready to go, I said to Rich, “I ought to take the camera and video tape our “field trip” to the fair…So we did.

I taped animals and our friends, and Rich playing a dime toss game, and I hope it’s something viewers would like to see.  They might not love it, but I had a terrific time and wanted to take everyone along for the ride.  We saw a day old calf that was so darn cute, and baby bunnies, and my friends’ goats, and while filming her goat, another goat tried to eat the sleeve of my shirt….it was so much fun, and I hope the video reflects that.

But now I’m hot and tired and am ready for a movie and bed….Tomorrow Rich has a skeet shoot, so I’m planning on garage sales with my girlfriend.  I’m hoping there are some good ones…and you’ll be the first to know if there are.

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