I watched the video I made of our trip to the county fair, and although I did a great job of talking to a calf, two goats, and several rabbits, I didn’t really show much more of the fair.  I showed Rich playing a dime toss game for our nephew and his family, who spent fair week with us last year and were addicted to that game.  We wanted them to see that we remembered them, even though they couldn’t come to play with us.    So I’m not sure how interested anyone will be with our field trip, but I did record a goat who ultimately ate a piece of the sleeve of my shirt.  Maybe that’s worth the watch, haha.

I definitely will be doing more field trips though, and will take my camera with me to the next stamp show I attend, and will walk around showing new techniques and tools.  I did a little bit of that this year, but will try to show more techniques next year.

I guess I never realized the attraction of the Dollar Tree, until I made this video.  It has over 10,000 views in under a week….Who knew?  I know it’s not my magnetic personality that brought that many people to the video…It’s really mind boggling to me, but I guess if you are a crafter, and have a Dollar Tree nearby, you’d want to know all about the ideas people have to use the things they sell in a different way than is normally intended.

I’m off to make a video….Wish me luck.

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