I have never had a more frustrating crafty day than today.  I wanted to make a simple 60th birthday card for a friend, and started out by cleaning a new set of stamps to ensure that they would take the ink well.  I’ve never actually had this happen before, but I couldn’t get them to stick to the MISTI.  I even put dots of Aleene’s Tack it Over and Over on them, and they fell off, or slid around on it when I inked them.

It was a set of stamps that I bought on Ebay that I’d seen on  a card a friend had made, and I had to have…I think they came from inside a magazine, but these were the worst stamps I have ever used.  I couldn’t get them to stay attached to the MISTI no matter what I did.  I put a frame in the center of the card with a large “60” inside of the frame, but then when I tried to add a sentiment toward the top and bottom, neither would stay in place…..so attempt number two.  They moved again, but this time I’d adhered them with Aleene’s and let them dry….Couldn’t believe they moved, and decided I’d add a strip of paper over them to hide the first attempt…I cut (and I’m not making this up) four sets of two strips, Sometimes the sentiment was crooked, another time the ink was spread over the sentiment somehow so embossing powder blurred the word out, then lastly, I couldn’t get the embossing powder to stick to the ink.  Then the last set finally worked.  I couldn’t believe it…So frustrating, and, we were an hour late to the party because it took me so long to make this very simple card.

And the worst part, is that I gave up on the video after so many failed attempts and had no interest in trying to piece together a video from the different segments when one thing would work, but another would not.  I have to say, this was not a good day of craftiness for me.

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