8/29 & 8/30/2018

I’ve been working on the art journal that I wanted to create out of the cardboard childrens’ book, and it’s going pretty well.  I’ve had some ups and downs and hit the hot mess stage (that I might cut out of the video), and decided the cover is finally looks like I wanted it.  I’d used the Nuvo Mousses, and have to say, they are really dry. They don’t look like that when you look in the side, as they appear super whipped and luscious..  I used a pink color that I’ve had for probably a year, but never opened.  It was so hard, I had to add water to it at least three times, to get it to a consistency I could use.  I’d heard that I might have to do that, in a video I’d watched where someone used the Mousses.

With the year old container being so hard, literally, hard, I decided to try the light yellow color I’d just bought.  It was almost as hard as the pink was.  I definitely won’t be buying those again.  The other thing I noticed, is the color appears to be much lighter in the container than what is applied to the project.  I really don’t like buying one color and getting an entirely different one in a product that I’m spreading onto a project, as it’s so hard to remove…Of course I did remove some, and covered more with more napkins.  I guess I forgot to mention that my base was a napkin.  I’m lucky that it was, as I could cut out parts of the design and apply it over the areas with Nuvo Mousse that I absolutely hated.

This was definitely a learning experience for me, and I’m happy to say that I lived through it to create another day…haha….

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